Experience the joy of putting up your own tent or caravan on our calm and family friendly campsite. Swaying in your hammock, finely reading that book, while your children are playing in the peaceful surroundings of the holiday farm. Everybody can help feeding the animals. Parents can also enjoy this feeding time to sleep in and let their kids do the animal round supervised by farmer Joop!

The campsite has no strict or designated areas and offers free spacious plots for up to 5 families. There are trees that provide shade and on request we can fill a small inflatable children’s pool for the little ones. There is a common roofed terrace with a pizza & bread oven and a barbecue. There is a playing area with volley court, a sandpit and plenty of room for children to play or build their own little cabin in the woods. In the barn we also have a ping pong table and table soccer.

Price for a plot on our campsite is € 8,- for children up to 10 years of age € 5, –

Dogs per day 2.00 euro. 

Electricity per day 4,00 euro. In the barn there is a big fridge for common use at €2,50 per day.

On request we serve a wholesome breakfast on one of the terraces or in our kitchen for € 8 per person. 

Reservation form Campsite

Not required
at 8 € p.p.p.n.
at 5 € p.p.p.n.
at 1 € p.n. Animal kept on a lead on the campsite
at 4 € p.n.