Welcome to Le Douvet​

Discover this Place!​

Enjoy a relaxing holiday in one of our gîtes, our B&B or our Loft in the barn.

Make camp on our small family campsite with your own tent or caravan or rent our fully equipped bungalowtent.

We invite you to come and stay at our farm on the French countryside.

Enjoy a full board Painting course with Marloes Bloedjes of workshop Toverzicht

Enjoy a full board Ceramics course with Elly Tournay using Raku and Obvara techniques.. 

Come on and spot some amazing birds in the Charente Limousine on the French countryside such as the golden oriole and the Hoopoe.

Come and take a walk around our meadows and learn to recognise all the different animals and species of trees and plants in the aerea.

Contact details and directions how to get here.

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