Bird watching in the Charente

The Charente Limousin is a quiet, rural area with a slightly rolling landscape with many hedges, oaks and sweet chestnuts. The area has not yet been discovered by the masses and has managed to retain its peaceful small-scale farming character. There are many different bird species to discover, as well as, deer, roe deer, boar and other small game. Le Douvet is a great base for hikers, birdwatchers and other nature lovers to discover this beautiful region!

From spring 2020 you can come to Le Douvet to watch birds and other animals in peace and quiet from wooden lookouts. The golden oriole, the hops, the gray shrike, the red and the black wow, the falcon, the little owl and the tawny owl, the nightingale and the little putter are, besides sparrows, tit, redstart and swallows, much seen guests around our farm.