Joop & Cathelijne

Already 20 years ago we met in Amsterdam. We lived and worked there with great pleasure until one day we decided that we wanted to live differently, different work and more with your hands. We saw few opportunities for this in the Netherlands and so the choice for abroad was quickly made.

On April 1, 2006 we left Amsterdam with our horses and pipowagen and drove slowly to France. For an overview of this adventure Look for an impression in the photo album.

Two years later we found an old, derelict farm there, which had been empty for more than 30 years. That farm, named Le Douvet, inspired us to create a place of its own in the French countryside. Look for an impression in the photo album.

With the discovery of this farm our journey ended and the restoration project started. From 2009 Le Douvet is a holiday and meeting place for young and old. You are very welcome to come and take a look at our farm.